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Box of Faith

This is a reliquary I made for class. The piece is about faith. I find different faiths and religions really interesting. Doctor Who has become somewhat like a faith to me; I believe the Doctor will always be there to save the human race when we will inevitably screw up. My reliquary piece is a simple box design, but it is modeled to look like the Doctor’s spaceship/time-machine, the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). The TARDIS resembles an old police telephone box from the outside, but, through sci-fi show pseudo-science, is bigger on the inside. Thus, the piece looks like a police box on the outside, and because of the mirrors placed along the inside walls and bottom, the miniature TARDIS is bigger on the inside like its counterpart. These mirrors cover all of the windows except those on the front of the TARDIS, so when the viewer looks inside they see themselves along with the interior. This makes the piece very personal- every viewer has a completely unique view of the piece which mimics the unique perspective of each individuals’ spiritual beliefs.

Hanging inside the TARDIS is a cube that represents what I view as the 4 possible symbols that an individual would have faith in. The first side has a cross on it, which represents traditional organized religions. The second side are the Greek letters Alpha (Α) and Omega (Ω). The letters, often associated with gods, signify past religions which have, in current society, become mythology (I was specifically referring to greek mythology, but it alludes to all past religions). I find the contrast between current religions and past religions incredibly interesting because they all are essentially the same material with minor differences, yet some are viewed as myth and legend instead of truth. The third side is the logo for doctor who, representing non-traditional faiths, such my faith in the Doctor. Lastly, the fourth side depicts a tree, representing three faiths: in the natural world and science, one’s family, and other human beings.

As for the technical aspects, the body of the TARDIS is hollow constructed and the lines on the walls, the details on the door, the “Police Public Call Box” signs, and the 4 sides to the box inside are etched using ferric chloride (acid). After completely assembled, I used a blue patina on the piece and then softened the color of the entire piece with steel wool.

Also, there is a light on the inside at the bottom and when turned on, the light is magnified by the mirrors and shines out the front windows very brightly (the light picks up the color of the patina on the inside and the light looks blue)

Art Teachers Don’t (Can’t) Do Math

I have approximately eight minutes to walk a fifteen minute walk. They get angry at me everyday when I’m late for class even though I explained the problem. What the hell.